CHS Talented Visual Artwork

CHS Talented Visual Arts students produce a variety of artworks that stretch their skills and creativity while incorporating fundamentals of design, such as line, shape, form, value, pattern, and color, to create engaging compositions. As well as working on projects that develop specific skills, including drawing accurate proportions, shading form, and controlling values, students take on assignments that employ all their knowledge of design and composition into a complete illustration.

Many of these students have been in the Talented Art program for years; some aspire to pursue a career in the arts, while others just enjoy the challenge of drawing and painting. They all learn to approach complex projects with forethought and planning by starting with research and idea sketches, then translating their final layouts and color studies into finished artwork. This approach helps ensure a better result, and, in many cases, leads to recognition in local, regional and national shows such as the Kiwanis Art Show and Celebrating Art, a national anthology of student artwork.

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The headline image is titled Portrait of a Child by Mika M.

Human Skull by Megan L.
Louisiana Art Fawn by Skylar S.
Louisiana Theme Shrimp Boat by Emily S.
One-Point Perspective Hallway by Mallory K.
CD Cover Final Art by Grace L.