Central High School Culture

November Culture Coin Winners Central High School

Ms. Day just hosted 24 students and two teachers from France and coordinated all their field trips and arranged for them to say with various CHS students which was a great deal of work, but worth it to give her French students a real life experience.
Victoria Day
French Teacher 
Central High School

Jenny’s work ethic and the love and compassion she has for her students always put a smile on my face! She is ALWAYS willing to help out wherever she is needed and never complains while doing it.”
Jenny Clark
Central High School

Mr. Jones is one of the hardest working people that I know.  He goes well “above and beyond” of anyone who asks for his assistance and even if they don’t, he volunteers willingly to help —no task is beneath him.  He truly is an unsung hero.”
Jeff Jones
Advanced Wood Tech., Carpentry, Drafting Teacher
Central High School