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Tips for Successful Schoology Experiences for Students and Parents:

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Internet Browser

The Internet browser MUST be Internet Explorer 9, FireFox, or Google Chrome. All of these are free downloads. If you are unsure of how to update your Internet browser, just type Download Google Chrome (or Download Internet Explorer 9 …) into the Google search engine at for easy to follow instructions. You may even try and search for the same topic.

Student Login

Your student’s username for Schoology is his or her first initial, last name, and last four of the student’s ssn. The password is the last five of the ssn. (ex. CGomez2233 and 52233) The student must also enter a school on the login page. Our district is using the initials of the schools, CIS, CMS or CHS. Your student should type the initials of his or her school, wait for the blue box to appear, click the initials of the correct school in the box, and then login. (The student NEVER clicks the SIGN UP button.)

Students Join Courses

Students click Course at the top of the page to join a course. Your student recorded his or her teachers’ course codes. It is usually at this point the student realizes his or her 5’s look like S’s and 2’s look like Z’s. It is imperative that good penmanship is used when copying Course Codes. The codes only have to be entered once, after that the students just click on the course at the right hand side of the screen to access a course. The dash is necessary in the course code.

Students’ Rights and Responsibilities in Schoology

Schoology may look like Facebook, but it is not. Schoology is a learning tool that is used for educational content only. Students can post comments in their courses and send messages to their teachers to speak about educational content. Students cannot send messages to other students, start groups or courses, or upload an image on their profile. Schoology is a learning tool just as textbooks, notebooks, class materials and assignments are. It is provided to link classroom learning to home learning, increasing student achievement. Students are expected to utilize it as part of their course materials and procedures as set forth in the 2012-2013 Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook that went home on the first day of school.

What Parents See in Schoology
Parents will receive a code that allows them to also log into Schoology to see what their student sees. Parents have “Read Only” rights in Schoology. This means that parents can view what their student sees, but cannot make an entry or post in the courses.

Parents’ First Time in Schoology

The first time a parent or guardian goes to Schoology at, he or she will click SIGN UP and choose the PARENT button. The parent will be prompted to enter the parent code for his or her student. After this initial sign up, the parent will just click the LOGIN button to see his or her student’s course information. Parents get their own code; they do not use their student’s course codes.

Parents' Quick Guide to Schoology