LA Tech Stem Mini Camp

On Saturday, October 1st a group of CHS STEM students attended the LA Tech STEM Minicamp held at St. Joseph's Academy. College of Science, Political Science, and English professors from LA Tech wrote a very realistic cyber-security scenario for students to play DHS agents. As a team, students had to sift through of 150 emails, IP addresses, maps, and other documents to answer the following questions: 1. Who did it? 2. Why/how did they do it? 3. What should the US response be? Students had 4 hours to gather evidence to make their claim. They then had to brief the "council" representing the US government with their theory, evidence, and plan of action.

Our Wildcats had so much fun and really impressed the faculty from LA Tech and were asked  to host their next camp. The dean of the College of Science and Engineering specifically called out how impressed he was with our team and personally invited them all to Ruston for tours and scholarship opportunities. We are #CentralPoud of these students modeling #TheWildcatWay and can't wait to see what their next adventure will be! 

Students pictured: Andrew Dang, Kevin Dang, Will Usher, Michael Kravitz, Lizzy Blair, Noah Wilkinson, Landon Propes, Keller Roberson

Other teams at the camp: St. Joseph's Academy, Catholic High, Ascension Catholic, Dunham, and Zachary